Greetings from DevCon5 NYC

Greetings from DevCon5 NYC. Our morning starts with Peter Lubbers giving an HTML5 overview. He’s reminding us about some important fundamentals:

* Web Origins (see RFC 6454) are everywhere. You need to understand not only how they regulate JavaScript execution, XMLHttpRequests, LocalStorage. Be sure to understand and specify Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) policy.

* Investigate Web Intents as a way to better integrate Apps and avoid clunky workflows and/or reimplementations. (note: more standardization is needed here)

* Learn about real-time connectivity options, including cross-document messaging using postMessage, XMLHttpRequest level 2, Server-sent Events, WebSockets, and even WebRTC.

* Learn about browser compatibility at,, and at MDN

* Be inspired by great demos of WebSockets, WebGL at


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