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RubyOnAles wrap-up

RubyOnAles2011 was a blast! In addition to getting in some serious hacking with JQuery, Rails, and the eBird API, I got to meet some cool ruby people, hang out in the cozy environs of the Old St. Francis School, and … Continue reading

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Mark Pilgrim on “Why Specs Matter”

In this timeless essay about how developers typically approach implementing a standard or specification, Mark Pilgrim mercilessly divides us developers into Morons and Assholes. I imagine you don’t want to chose one or the other, but after reading what he … Continue reading

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Michael Feathers on “Data-Rich Development”

In his recent post “Data-Rich Development”, Michael Feathers talks about supplementing the recent emphasis on incremental design through TDD with a longer-term perspective gained through analyzing changes to the codebase over time. As a budding source code miner myself, I … Continue reading

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RubyOnAles 2011, here I come!

Next up for me is a quick jaunt up to Bend, Oregon for Ruby On Ales 2011. I’m a Rails enthusiast but haven’t really connected with the Rails community until now. Really looking forward to it!

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