David Kaneda and Josh Clark @ DevCon5 NYC

This session has David and Josh riffing about designing for mobile.

Device context is different from User Context. Just because you know they have a small screen, you don’t know whether they’re focused or distracted, having a short or a long interaction.

Omitting content from the mobile version of your site is like an author looking at the paperback edition of their book and saying, “it’s smaller, I should leave out some chapters” — Josh Clark

Example: alibris.com omits their key differentiator, Rare Books, from their mobile site. Are we really sure people don’t want to buy rare books from their phone? 28% of mobile web users only surf from their phone. Phones are peers to our other devices, not just little siblings.

Example: The original Bank of America app showed you your balance and had a logout button. That was it.

Touch is only the current thing we want to figure out. Coming next are speech recognition, gesture recognition. Note: speech plus gesture recognition equals Harry Potter territory!


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