DevCon5 — on learning from games, Monty Sharma, Mass Unity

Monty Sharma gave a great talk this morning at DevCon5 about the current trends in games and what the rest of us can learn from them. He centers on three big ideas:

  • Free-to-Play. Find a way to let dedicated users pay more to get more stuff, but offer free functionality to everybody who asks
  • Compulsion Loops. Find ways to get people hooked into coming back to your software in order to satisfy some compulsion
  • Engaged Communities. Give up some control to bring your users into a community with one another.

I was really interested in his retelling of the EVE Online community responding to something called GoonSwarm. I can’t quite follow the internal politics of the game, but I can see that thousands of users organized themselves into highly effective ad hoc groups in order to battle one another within the game. Are your users that passionate and engaged?


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